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Philadelphia, PA
Disappointing fit
This sportcoat has a few nice details but they do not make up for certain glaring issues. First off, the fit is wonky; the shoulders are very narrow, the back length too short, and the sleeves too long. For reference, I am 5'-10" with a 37" chest. The 38 is too tight across the shoulders and barely begins to cover my rear end. "Fat guy in a little coat" comes to mind. You'd think the shrunken fit would apply to the whole jacket but the sleeves almost hit the start of my thumb. The sleeves wouldn't be a problem if this jacket didn't have functioning buttons at the cuffs (which it does). I hate how brands think this is a desirable feature; Surgeon cuffs are meant for custom clothing, not off the rack jackets that require tailoring. Finally, the material is much heavier than expected. Although unlined, the thick twill is better suited for fall. If you're looking for a spring/summer jacket look elsewhere.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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