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Elizabeth Zhang
China beijing
Good material
Practical and Light, but a little bit large.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Washington, DC
Provided measurements are incorrect
This pouch is much smaller than expected, the measurements provided in product description are incorrect. Quality is nice, but it's really tiny.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Canada, halifax
Unhappy with Description
While LanaC was unhappy with how SMALL this pouch was, I was disappointed in how LARGE it was. I bought this pouch assuming that it was badly measured and was in fact Topo's Micro pouch, which I hoped to use as a key-chain wallet. I was unhappily surprised to find it is in fact the Topo Small pouch, the size one step up from the Micro, so heads-up to anyone else who is buying it (to be fair to East Dane, this was a great deal for this hard-to-find size). The actual product is superb, as I expect from Topo. Rugged, canvas-like nylon material that features seat-belt material looping tabs that make it easy to many of Topo's bags. I have the Topo Medium Pouch attached to my 18" Topo Black duffel with matching red paracord. I guess I'll add my new Small Pouch to the other side and keep looking for a new Micro Pouch, returning it to East Dane wouldn't be economical. Rated 1, only because of the terrible size description.
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Not for Me
This item was not right for me. The material was thin and did not seem durable and the colors looked like the backpack was for a child. The price was out of sight for this item. This item was returned.
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Very Disappointing
I wanted to like this backpack very much. I love the designs, materials, size, colors... lots of things. Immediately upon receiving the backpack, there were multiple loose threads, uneven stitching, off-axis placement of patches... just problems all around, not to mention the strap padding felt very cheap. Additionally, if you want to use the bottle carriers on the side, the main compartment cannot be full... which kind of defeats the purpose of even having an exterior pocket at all. I also noticed that Topo has recently increased the price for this bag while changing the clips from metal to plastic... Topo has very slick social media copy, and some pretty looking bags... but the quality of construction, secondary materials and lack of functionality of this bag force me to give it an F... or a T for try a little damn harder. That aside, Eastdane has fabulous customer service and refunded me cordially and switftly. Thank you Eastdane, no thank you Topo.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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